Bloodletting in Mongolia: Three Visual Narratives

The ancient medical tradition of bloodletting in Mongolia is explored in a dynamic digital publication examining the significance of fluids and flows in the history of medicine.

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Mongolian Medicine, Multispecies Storytelling and Multimodal Anthropology

Coronavirus has heightened awareness that “we can’t afford to be as anthropocentric about infectious diseases”, says ANU researcher Dr Natasha Fijn.

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A young herder throws a lasso to capture a horse in Mongolia.

Seminar series highlights Mongolia research

A series of online seminars has highlighted recent research related to Mongolia, including on the likely site of Chinggis Khan’s ordu and the use of traditional Mongolian verbal art to deliver Covi

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Researchers confirm site of Genghis Khan’s winter home

He was the founder of the second largest empire in history stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Carpathian Mountains of Europe.

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The Mongolia Institute

  • hosts and coordinates Mongolian Studies Open Conferences, Mongolia Updates and seminars;
  • publishes Mongolian Studies newsletters two to three times per year;
  • welcomes Visiting Fellows from across Australia and internationally from Japan, Germany, the United States, China and Europe;
  • supports postgraduate students with a strong focus on Mongolia and Mongolia related topics
  • a Mongolian Studies online forum.


Mongolian architecture

There are six courses that specialise in Mongolian Studies at the ANU, including a popular intensive course that is held over two weeks during the summer semester break each year.

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The image is focusing the Mongolia research

The Mongolia Institute prides itself on our broad range of research across Inner Asia. Our researchers explore Mongolia’s health and traditional medicine, water management, herding existence, political borders, hidden histories and even nuclear weapons disarmament. From archaeology to contemporary culture and politics, the Mongolia Institute’s projects take a holistic view of Mongolia and Mongolian peoples.

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MongolInk, a Resource development projects

Hanggai: Galloping Across the Mongolian Steppe Between Different Worlds of Music
Tuesday, August 18, 2020 - 09:21

By Dr Gesar (Gaz) Temur Gesar finished his Doctor of Philosophy from the ANU in 2015. He continues...

The Changing Face of Mongolia
Monday, May 25, 2020 - 19:30

The Changing Face of Mongolia: Maintaining cultural traditions in a globalized world By Joseph...

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