Mongolian Cultural Heritage Event

The Mongols have a unique, ongoing and lively cultural heritage.

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Mongolian yurt

One language behind two different scripts

Mongolian is used both in Mongolia and in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in China.

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Mongolian yurt

Mongolian Documentary and Q & A with the filmmaker

Lady of the Gobi: trucking coal across the desert to China (25 mins).

Distributed online by The Guardian

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Khaar Nuur Lake Mongolia Image by Lottchen On Tour

A comparison of Mongolic and Turkic-speaking Yugur tribes and the origins of the Yugur Mongolic-speaking population

The Yugur, also known as the Yellow Uyghur, live along the ancient Silk Road in China, at the cross-roads of Tibetan, Mongolic and Han communities.

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Mongolian yurt

The Mongolia Institute

  • hosts and coordinates Mongolian Studies Open Conferences, Mongolia Updates and seminars;
  • publishes Mongolian Studies newsletters two to three times per year;
  • welcomes Visiting Fellows from across Australia and internationally from Japan, Germany, the United States, China and Europe;
  • supports postgraduate students with a strong focus on Mongolia and Mongolia related topics
  • a Mongolian Studies online forum.


Mongolian architecture

There are six courses that specialise in Mongolian Studies at the ANU, including a popular intensive course that is held over two weeks during the summer semester break each year.

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The image is focusing the Mongolia research

The Mongolia Institute prides itself on our broad range of research across Inner Asia. Our researchers explore Mongolia’s health and traditional medicine, water management, herding existence, political borders, hidden histories and even nuclear weapons disarmament. From archaeology to contemporary culture and politics, the Mongolia Institute’s projects take a holistic view of Mongolia and Mongolian peoples.

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MongolInk, a Resource development projects

Chahar Costume from Central Inner Mongolia
Thursday, March 18, 2021 - 17:36

Written by Ehshig, Visiting Fellow to the Mongolia Institute (2019-2020). Traditional Mongolian...

A Missing Stanza from Natsagdorj’s Poem, ‘My Native Land’
Monday, October 19, 2020 - 17:40

By W. Juna. There has been a lot of recent discussion over the Chinese government’s new ‘bilingual...

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